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Corporate Learning... turning people into high performers

Corporate Learning works with small through to large organisations across a range of industries in the areas of executive coaching, leadership development, team development and performance management in Sydney and around Australia.

Linda is the Director and principal consultant of Corporate Learning. She has over 25 years management and hands-on experience in developing the skills of people in organisations.
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Executive Coaching

Learn how executive coaching contributes to improved individual performance and eventually overall organisational performance.
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Business Owner Coaching

As a business owner you have to work on the business as well as in the business.
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Leadership Development

Our leadership development process helps leaders understand that they are accountable for the environment they create, an environment in which people want to take responsibility and be accountable.
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Performance Management

Performance management is a system for managing individual and organisational performance.
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Team Development

We help you understand your current team situation, identify your goals and the contribution of team members to reach those goals. See Team Development


Turning People into High Performers

Leaders paint the vision, select the strategy and shape the culture of their organisations. These all work towards making a sustainable, high performing organisation that delivers benefits for all the stakeholders.

However, these are only starting points. To be successful in the longer term, an organisation must develop a culture of high performance that is lived, demonstrated and practised by all of its people.



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Leadership & Executive Coaching

There are many ways Leadership Coaching Sydney will contribute to improved individual and organisational performance:

  • Developing people in their present role and/or preparing them for future roles.
  • Fast tracking good leaders to become more effective leaders.
  • Fast tracking the development of a specific set of skills.
  • Closing the gap between current job requirements and a person's performance.
  • Ensuring performance planning and review sessions are positive developmental experiences.
  • Improved productivity, increased confidence, improved time management, motivation and work habits.

Corporate Learning provides leadership development through coaching and other activities from their base in Sydney. Coaching provides executives and leaders tailored professional and business development. A coaching relationship facilitates rapid and ongoing development through a personalised plan that is implemented through one-on-one meetings with a qualified business coach.

The process ensures that the time invested by the client is of high value and relevant to the individual and their outcomes. The leadership development process is accelerated through specific and targeted feedback and tailored activities. A coaching program typically consists of seven to 12 sessions over four to seven months and may be carried out in Sydney or interstate.

Leadership development, using coaching as a key activity, focuses on changing behaviour to improve performance so that better results can be achieved. Development is focussed on areas such as leadership and people management, communication and interpersonal relationships, personal organisation and time management, strategic issues or organisational improvement. Corporate Learning is based in Sydney and works throughout Australia on a range of assignments.

Development tools such as 360 feedback questionnaires or Myers Briggs Type Indicator may be used to assist in identifying development needs and issues.

Team Development

A team is a group of people working together towards common goals and team development enables that group of people to reach their goal by improving results, as well as relationships.

Corporate Learning's team building and development strategies will help you understand your current team situation, determine your goals, and the contribution of team members to reach those goals. It is tailored to meet the needs of both the team leader and team members within their specific work environment.

The stages of team building and development involve clarifying team goals, identifying issues which inhibit the team from reaching their goals and action to remove them.

Corporate Learning's Team building and development activities may also include conducting the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which identifies individual 'types' and helps people to appreciate the differences and strengths of each individual in the team. The Management Team Roles Indicator will identify the roles each person plays in their respective teams.

The benefits of Team Building and Development

  • Increased team effectiveness and productivity.
  • Enhanced communication within the team.
  • A greater understanding of the impact team members have on each other.
  • Translating organisational goals into the team outcomes.
  • Understanding the role of leadership and how to direct and support a team.
  • Developing a culture of trust; this is a key factor in determining team success.